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Upgrade to 7.1.5


We're happy to announce that we have a release date of 7.1.5! 

On Monday, March 20th, 2017 Warlegion will be upgraded to Legion 7.1.5. When we upgrade to 7.1.5 you will be able to advance in both PvE and PvP content. By us upgrading, you will be able to unlock the first raid, the first arena pre-season, and progress on the Broken Isles (World Bosses, World Quests) etc! No data will be reset so you won't lose your characters, items, etc.

New Features Loot Bonus (Second chance to have a second item, money, artifact power with token). New spells and class fixes (2-3 weeks worth of work) we'll go into more details in an update pack on Monday. New Zone, Suramar, you can complete the Nightfall Questline, see the Wowhead Guide for more information. The third relic slot will be available for anyone whose artifact level is 25 and above. New raid "The Emerald Nightmare" will be available on March 23rd, 2017. A few weeks later Arena pre-season and Legendary items.

As a reminder, the realm will be under 7.0.3 version and will continue till March 20th, 2017. Updating your client/game before 20th will prevent you from joining the current realm. We'll post a tutorial how to upgrade your game in a few days.

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March 17, 2017
Second day

    To continue this topic, we want to say that today we have sent some gifts to you, our Players!


    - Everyone who has played more than 3 hours for the first day received

    You can find it in your in-game mail:







    - Every player which has gained 110 lvl in 1 day received







    We hope that you have liked this small gift. 


    Also we want to post some information about today.

    In the morning our server was still under DDOS, but we've found one more exploit and successfully fixed it, so as you could see today our server was more stable than yesterday. We still have some issues, but not critical ones and we're going to fix them as soon as possible.

    Today we had the same online peak of ~ 1000 players. We can't say that it's good result, but anyway with that we can see that you are interested in our project. We hope that in the future out peak will increase. We're doing our best to increase it & to make it more enjoyable for everyone, but we need your help as well. So if you are interested in our project and you enjoy it, you can invite your friends to join WarLegion community!


    Let us post some statistic for you:

        4591 accounts were created.              5417 characters (662 of them already 110 lvl).     

    Not a lot, but still you can see that even now we have a big community, so let it grow!


    Warlegion launcher:

    We've decided to create our own launcher, we hope that it will help everyone to solve any issues with game launch or connecting to our project. It's still in developing, but even in 1 day we've done a great job. It is already working, but we have some problems with antiviruses like Norton 360. It has agressive reaction on it and offer to delete .exe file. We're trying to fix it, but anyway you can trust us that it will never contain any viruses. You will be able to test it with virustotal or whatever you want. We didn't introduce it today, because we're still doing some tests with our tester team. We think that the first version of it will be able to download in some days. But let us post a screenshot:   



    We will post more information about our launcher soon.


    Thanks to everyone for trusting in our project. We hope that you appreciate our job.


    Best regards,

    Warlegion team.

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January 23, 2017
Results of WarLegion opening

First of all we want to say "thank you" to everyone, who has joined our project today!

We've reached 1 000 players online, but many players had a lot of problems with connection. We want to apologize for this, here are some reasons:

We've been under DDOS for a long time after opening, because of this a lot of players always have error "disconnected". We didn't make open beta testing period for everyone, to let you to try connect our server. Because of this we've found a lot of new issues with connection & game, so we were trying to solve all of them in online mode. We weren't available to help everyone, because there were a lot of players who had problems. 


Now we've experienced near all problems that were reported by you, our Players! And we've created special topic, that will help everyone to solve this problems!


If you have any problems, first of all, read this topic:


So, in the sum, we want to say "sorry" to everyone who didn't connect our server on the first day. But we're always happy to see you one more time!

Because of all these "fails" and after some suggestions from you, we've decided to make some changes:

Gold rates x5 (up from x2). Honor rates x5 (up from x2). Drop rates x5 (up from x3). All taxi paths are known and instant, now you don't need to wait while you are flying.


We promise, that we're going to continue advertisement company for our project, also we will try to fix all the most critical problems as fast as we can to provide you a quality game. Please, be patient, we are doing all our best for you, Dear Players. 


This topic will be closed, because we will publish here some additional information about our future actions & special rewards for new players.


We hope that you enjoy game on our server.


Best regards,

Warlegion Team.



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January 22, 2017